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These 20 St. Patrick’s Day Nails Are All The Green Envy You Need

These 20 St. Patrick’s Day Nails Are All The Green Envy You Need

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Ready to jazz up your nails for St. Patrick’s Day? We’ve got some dazzling designs that will have everyone green with jealousy. Whether you are into subtle glitters or striking designs, there’s an option for every taste. Check out these photos and find your perfect match. Make this St. Paddy’s day one to remember with nails that you can flaunt even after March 17th.

1. Shamrock Nails

St. Patrick used clover to explain the Holy Trinity, which is why shamrocks, aka young clover, are the ultimate symbol. Also, these nails are subtle and refined, just how you like them.

2. Festive Design

If you love vibrant colors this is the design for you. Mix of sparkling red glitter, traditional St. Patrick’s green and white nail with shamrock show a true holiday spirit.

3. St. Patrick’s Vibe Nails

If vibrant color’s aren’t your thing and you would like something more subtle these nails are made for you. You will also wear some green for good luck but you will keep it classy.

4. Green Envy

Is green your lucky color? When you take a look at these nails it might as well be. They are gorgeous! Plus it’s amazing design for short nails you can wear way past St. Patrick’s day.

5. St. Patty’s Mani

It is said that clover keeps the evil spirits away. So it doesn’t hurt to have it as a part of your nail design, you never know when it can come in handy.

6. Clover on White

Perfect design for short nails – all white with subtle gold details and two tiny clovers on ring finger nails. They look so charming.

7. Gnome Chrome

St. Patrick’s Day nails just got a tiny bit more magical with adorable gnomes! These small bearded creatures in green hats will look so cheerful on your fingertips.

8. Monochrome Luck

You can make your nails perfect with just two shades of green and some shimmer. Among all good luck charms these nails even spell luck. There is really nothing more to add. Simple and beautiful!

9. Pink Charms

If pink is your lucky color, just add some clovers to rub off on some St. Patrick’s Day magic. There you go, double luck in no time, and it looks radiant.

10. St. Patty Inspired

Sometimes a touch of green is all you need to invite good fortune your way. This nail is gorgeous and you can wear it way beyond March 17th.

11. Lucky Rhinestones 

These glittering gems add a touch of luxe to your look, not to mention the twinkling. They’re the perfect way to glam up your green and make sure your St. Paddy’s Day is as lucky as it is shiny.

12. Gnome Cuteness

If you have thats quirky side you will fall for these little gnome designs that are super cute.They’re like lucky charms at your fingertips, ready to bring smiles to your soul.

13. Golden Shimmer

These green and gold shimmer nails sprinkled with a few lucky clovers are just great for St. Patrick’s Day. It’s essentialy elegance combined with the luck of the Irish.

14. Irish Flage

The iconic green, white, and orange stripes painted across your nails celebrate the heart of Ireland. This patriotic manicure is a great choice for St. Paddy’s day.

15. Green Sparkle

Everything you need for some St. Patrick’s Day luck on your nails is right here. Fun and festive nails that are bound to receive some compliments.

16. Green & Gold Glitter

Green nails with golden shimmer and a few tiny white clovers are an amazing choice. They are absolutely eye-catching and you will feel like just by looking at them.

17. Where Rainbow Ends

Give me a nail inspo for St. Patrick’s Day. But tap into the myths about pots of gold at the end of rainbows. No problem! Here you have it and it will look awesome on you.

18. Pastel Fortune

This light pastel shade of green is everything. Even though it’s not traditional shade of green it still invites good fortune. Combined with shamrocks and gold this nail design is just the thing for shorter nails.

19. Clover Details

These nails have it all, green, gold and the clover but they are also subtle and not ‘in your face’. Perfect choice for you if you want color in a more sophisticated way.

20. Festive Boss Babe

When you are a boss babe but want to tap into some St. Patrick’s day euphoria this is the nail design for you. Elegant and totally werable all year long.