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The Top 25 Prom Nail Inspo Trends You Can’t Miss

The Top 25 Prom Nail Inspo Trends You Can’t Miss

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Still pondering over your nail choices for the big night? Fear not, cause I got you covered with all the latest and greatest trends. This prom season is dedicated to silver and gold with a touch of nudes. Oh yes, the blue is a huge hit too. You see, prom nails have reached a whole different planet so let me take you there.

Golden Prom Sensation

All shades of gold are super trendy. But chrome is the trendiest! It gives that real gold shine every girl dreams of. Still glitter and matt shades are not falling behind since they are timeless classics that will never go out of style.

Chrome Gold Perfection

Glitter Manie

Sparkle & Chrome

Golden Matt

Chrome Sensation

Silver Shine

The other precious metal color that is just as popular as gold if not more. Your silver nails will go great with blue, black and white dresses. Oh yes and chrome is everything this season. Your every move will have that little disco ball shine.

Mirror Silver – The Disco Ball Effect

Chrome & Perfect Nude Base

All The Way Chrome

Extra Gems

Nude Prom Dreams

Nude as the signature nail color is breathtakingly gorgeous. Why is it so popular? Well it always looks effortlessly chic and it goes great with everything. Nude nails are basically every prom dresses dream.

Nude & Glittery Gold

Classic French Manicure

Silver & Pink Combo

Nude with the Brush of Gold

Rhinestones Nude Magic

Acrylic Prom Nails

If you want something durable go with acrylics. They are a go-to for prom’s glam squad. They are simply fabulous and extra. Make those tips the talk of the night!

Bow Detail Mani

3D Chrome Design

Perfection in Nude

Blue Prom Nails

Blue is the new black for prom nails this season. Especially this baby blue babies. They are bold and beautiful and perfect combination with silver, grey and white dresses.

Baby Blue Love

Short Prom Nails

Both elegant and practical these short nails prove that less is more. Whether sprinkled with subtle glitter or classic color they are your ticket to looking fab! If you want to make a stylish statement these babies are the way to go!

The Floral Touch

The Red Dot

Black is Everything

Golden Shine

Cherry Short Nails