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20 Flattering Prom Makeup For Green Eyes Ideas To Celebrate In Style

20 Flattering Prom Makeup For Green Eyes Ideas To Celebrate In Style

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According to studies, only 2% of people in the world have green eyes. If you’re one of the few lucky ones, you’re not just drop dead gorgeous– it also means that you’re offered with many more possibilities for every day or special occasion makeup. If you’re looking for makeup ideas for a big event, make sure to accentuate your beautiful eyes and show everyone what you’ve got. But to make things easier, I’m bringing you the trendiest collection of prom makeup for green eyes looks, from minimalistic to bold.

1. Gray Smokey

Gray smokey eyes is one of the most classic makeup looks you can’t go wrong with. But I bet you had no idea it goes this well with green eyes.

2. Dark Smokey Look And Nude Lips

Dark smokey look has always been a match made in heaven with nude lips. And the two look spectacular when combined with all shades of green eyes.

3. Shades Of Brown

Everyone knows one thing: brown and green can complement any aesthetic. But if you really want to spice things up, ask your MUA to mix different shades of brown.

4. Gold Glamour

If you’re rocking a yellow dress for your big night, this prom makeup look for green eyes should be your top pick. Just a pro tip: avoid this style if you have blonde hair and too fair complexion.

5. Dark And Pink Eyeliner

Wow! One thing is for sure: you’ll surprise everyone with this bold pairing of dakr and pink eyeliner. And who would have known that pink looks this good on green eyes?

6. Peacock Green

If you choose this peacock green prom makeup look, make sure your brows are impeccable because all the focus will be directed toward that area of your face.

7. Magic Purple

If pink surpised you, this look will shock you! But hear me out: purple and green have an intense contrast when paired together and that’s exactly why they look so awesome together.

8. Natural Prom Makeup For Green Eyes

When you have eyes as beautiful as yours, you don’t need too much makeup, especially if you’re into natural makeup. Thin eyeliner, a little bit of blush and some lipstick or lip gloss will be more than enough.

9. Violet Blast

10. Eyeliner On Point

Applying eyeliner in the right way can transform your entire look, especially the shape of your eye. On this inspo pic, the eye is elongated and visually bigger.

11. Prom Makeup For Black Girls With Green Eyes

Don’t be scared to get out of the box with your prom makeup. After all, this is your big night and if you feel like doing a green glittery eyeshadow, that’s exactly what you should do.

12. Winged Smokey Eyes

I know what you must think when you hear about winged smokey eyes: it must be a heavy makeup look. But here’s proof that it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, it can be subtle and appealing at the same time.

13. Green Glitter

14. Soft Glam

15. Lime In Eye Corner

Everyone’s used on putting white eyeliner or white eyeshadow in the inner corner of their eye to make it look bigger, more open and wider. But why wouldn’t you change this practice to the better and go with line color in your inner eye corner? You’ll see how good it does to your green eyes.

16. Orange Is The New Black

Forest and olive green go spectacularly well with orange. After all, these colors can be found together all around us and therefore, send off a natural vibe.

17. Lime Look

If you choose lime look for your eyes, make sure that the rest of your face is neutral and nude. You don’t have to go over the table with the outfit and the hair either because your makeup will steal the spotligth anyhow.

18. Euphoria Inspired

It’s giving Maddie from Euphoria vibes just in green. I’ll admit it: this is an edgy look but it’s an unforgettable one.

19. Green Pigments And Red Lips

Deep lipstick tones play exceptionally good with all shades of green color. The green under eye liner harmonizes with red lipstick, and with the color of your eyes.

20. Cut Crease And Green Undereye Liner

If you know how to make a good cut crease, you are on a good way to become a skilled makeup artist, especially if you manage to blend different shades of brown eyeshadows in the process. For a finish touch, add a glitterry undereye liner and nude lipstick.