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20 Old Money Bob Hair Inspo Styles That Are Pure Fire

20 Old Money Bob Hair Inspo Styles That Are Pure Fire

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Trend Alert!!! old money bob cut is a huge hit. A timeless cut that is making a comeback in a more modern style. Perfect for every shade, from icy blondes to deep brunettes. Whether you’re after a sharp, short or a longer, laid-back look, the old money bob is your go-to hairstyle. But it’s even more than that. It’s an instant upgrade to looking like you own a yacht (even if you don’t). Get ready to slay with sophistication.

Blonde Ambition

Let’s start with blondes because as the saying goes “blondes have more fun”. That is why they have a playful and sophisticated way of wearing this haircut.

One serve of hair magic? Coming right up. The blonde old money bob is your shortcut to effortless elegance. It says volume, class and sass without uttering a word.

Blunt cut, the bounce factor and glossy hair are three components that make the old money bob look luxurious and without shouting too loud.

This would be the most typical example of old money bob where the hair is cut just bellow chin length. with long bangs. Once everything is styled it frames and opens up the face beautifully.

Special tip for round face shapes: cut your bangs just below the chin. If your bangs are cut to short it opens up the jaw area and makes your face appear wider.

With this cut you will be elegant every day and with a blow-out you will have that polished look for special occasions.

Dark Mystique

The old money bob is here to prove that brunettes don’t chase the spotlight; it finds them! Take a look how this cut looks stunning and sophisticated on dark hair.

Volume that goes from the roots, shiny ends and a curly curl? Yes please. It’s the haircut for all hair types, especially flattering to thin hair making it bigger and bouncier.

The light highlights on an old money bob are like a dash of sparkle. They make the whole styling pop and look more chic.

The haircut on ebony hair looks like it came out of a fairytale. Snow White would definitely look like this in real life.

Dark black hair looks dominant with an old money bob haircut. it’s bluntness and sharpness show your tough side wile the soft layers are hints of the warmth you guard within.

Fiery Finesse

If you are in your bob girl era you might also think about changing your color. This copper and old money bob combo might just be the makeover you dream of.

The richness of this copper shade adds to the richness of the cut. Plus the hair styling is so 90’s. Next level luxury vibes!

This hairstylist really nails the game. They combined two hair trends into one: Old money bob mixed with cowgirl copper.

Ginger hair ending in locks gives a different vibe to the old money bob. It’s inviting, warm and spot stealing look.

This warm light copper shade gives this haircut the attention it deserves. Somehow, in this shade, it looks even classier.

Lob Luxury

Loving the old money bob but don’t want to cut your hair shorter? You can have it all. This lob gives you that classy bob look with all the fun of longer hair.

You get to play around with styles, you have so many options thank to the longer length. On the other hand it’s still sleek and sophisticated

On longer strands, there is a flow and flair every woman ever wanted to have in her hair. It adds that extra luxe to your everyday look

The bangs and the framing of the cut give your face a lovelier feel. It makes you cute without even trying to be.

Big hair is always a good style to wear. Old money bob gives you tons of volume making your whole appearance ‘trust fund’ worthy.

Adding curls to this cut makes the “Cash Queen” vibe even stronger. There is elegance in every curl.

This hairstyle shows that you have a refined taste and shows of class. Not to mention, the old money lob is downright dreamy.