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The Hottest Brunette Shade Award Goes To Maple Brown Hair 

The Hottest Brunette Shade Award Goes To Maple Brown Hair 

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Whether you want to start your redhead journey or make your brown hair look shiny and lively again, the maple brown hair color is the right choice.

It’s a warm shade of brown that contains ashy and red tones. Maple brown is also a great brunette color for camouflaging gray hair.

1. Warm-Toned Maple Brown Hair

This warm maple tone is ideal for those with warm complexions and bright brown eyes. The coppery, red tones will make your face look brighter and softer.

2. Dimensional Maple Balayage

If you want to make your dull hair look fuller and more voluminous, trust me, there is no better way than dimensional balayage. It’ll add depth to your mane, and you’ll finally get that rich hair flow.

3. Brunette Maple Mocha

Your hair will get dimension and volume through this amazing blend of warm brown and extra-rich caramel mocha tones. You’ll get a natural bright look.

4. Caramel Maple Brunette

If you’re up for more of those blonde vibes, you need to screenshot this pic. This tawny summer hue will make your brown hair pop.

5. Maple Cinnamon Bronde 

Slay in this stunning sun-kissed bronde shade. One of the biggest advantages of this hue and bronde tones, in general, is that they mostly look good on everyone.

6. Maple Brown With Blonde Ribbons

You’ll first notice how this maple color mixed with blonde highlights makes her eyes pop. Obviously, it’s hard to say whether this brunette shade suits better curly or straight hair.

7. Expresso Maple Latte

The warm maple hue with a shot of expresso truly deserves all the glory it gets. No wonder this hair color has dominated the trending list these last few years.

8. Chestnut Maple Balayage

This maple tone will make your hair shine bright like a chestnut. It’s a perfect color for those who want to breathe a new life into their brown hair.

9. Dimensional Maple Tone

Another warm, dimensional maple tone that will make your hair smooth and silky. To keep this vibrant color and shine as long as possible, wash your hair only once or twice a week with cold water, use sulfate-free shampoos, and treat it with appropriate conditioners.

10. Maple Copper Brunette

The ‘crunette’ hair is the newest trend you should try ASAP if you’re a fan of vibrant brunette shades. It flatters women with warm complexions but can also work with darker skin tones because it adds warmth and creates amazing balance.

11. Maple Spiced Brunette

Combining the warmth of a brown color with a hint of maple and spice will give you this vibrant but cozy look.

12. Salted Maple Mocha

This touch of saltiness really enriches the hair with depth and dimension. If you’re up for a darker, more deep maple brunette shade, this is the finest you’ll find.

13. Vermont Maple Brown

I’m sure you’ve heard about the Vermont maple syrup and its special taste. Well, this Vermont maple shade is just as special and refined. The rich golden tones of Vermont’s iconic maple trees make this hue a true autumn hair color.

14. Deep Golden Maple Brown

This maple shade proves it’s possible to get the best of both worlds, the brunette and bronde, in one hair color. The golden maple brown will give you the warmth of brown hair color and the shine and brightness of the bronde.

15. Maple Dipped Balayage

Those who don’t like to make huge changes to their hair but would like to refresh their dark brown hair will fall in love with this maple-dipped balayage. It’s a very subtle change but still has a great voluminous effect.

16. Maple Syrup Strands

These maple caramel highlights create such a sweet look, like maple syrup. It’s a great way to add dimension to your hair and make it look more lively.

17. Honey Maple Brown Hair

If your aim is to add warmth and brightness to your brown hair, go for this maple honey shade. It’s an elegant hue that looks gorgeous on everyone.