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20 Honey Highlights On Brown Hair Ideas For Your Next Salon Visit

20 Honey Highlights On Brown Hair Ideas For Your Next Salon Visit

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How to be absolutely bee-utiful with honey highlights on brown hair? You will find the inspo you need right here that will help you refresh your look. Whether you’re after a subtle glow or a bold transformation, I’m here to help you on your next hair adventure. Buzz into the world of honey highlights and see how they can light up brown hair in the most enchanting ways.

1. Money Honey

Wow, the lighter money piece in the darker hair looks absolutely stunning. The color contrast is visible yet seamless. The color is pure luxury and perfect for any season.

2. Curly Pot

If you have brown curly hair, your hair will fall in love with these honey wonders of highlights. Plus, your hair is naturally bouncy and voluminous. This way, it will also have a sun-kissed glow.

3. Rich Warmth

The warmth and depth you get with this stunning combination of colors is drop-dead gorgeous. If your brown hair needs a makeover, this is your sign to be daring and book an appointment. 

4. Honey Balayage

If your brown color isn’t reflecting all that are you are it’s time for a change. Take it to the new level with dynamic honey highlights that will show all your dimensions.

5. Honey Blonde

Honey blonde with a dark hair base is the next level of sophistication. Luscious locks emphasize the diversity of the colors and make the whole look more appealing. Bombshell hair!

6. Afro Honey

Natural brown afro locks become even more stunning with these highlights. They add to that gentle, innate, effect you already have.

7. Honey Drizzle

How to make your brown hair glow? Add drops of honey color. These highlights will make your hair pop and glow in the sunlight.

8. Honey Melt

Show me honey highlights that aren’t obvious? You got it! It’s a smooth, seamless color transition you need to refresh your brown hair. True honey melt!

9. Power Hon

The highlights, hair and the length are just perfect. They give that boss babe vibes you always wanted and never knew you can pull off. Strong girl energy right here!

10. Honey Blend

Don’t you just love these before and after pics? They are so helpful, especially if your hair looks like the one in the first photo. The second is like a view into the future.

11. Warm Honey Balayage

One more before and after pic, that shows you how bright your future can be. Highlights combined with a new layered cut make an inviting and captivating look you will adore.

12. Honey Bronde

Hair color combo that illuminates! Love how the hair transitions from super dark at the top to honey blonde at the ends. With this color, your inner shine will be more obvious.

13. Brunette Honey Balayage

Dark brown hair lifted with light, warm honey streaks for an ideal contrast? Yes, please. The hair instantly gets better depth and texture, and it looks like a million bucks.

14. Glossy Honey

Raise and let your hair shine by treating it with honey highlights. You will catch light with every turn and make other women filled with hair envy. Not a bad way to start a day!

15. Caramel Honey Highlights

When you mix caramel and honey highlights, what you get is hair full of sweetness. The color is so seamlessly blended that a darker to lighter color transition is barely visible.

16. Spring Hon

If you are looking for sunshine in your hair this spring but don’t want to color your brown base blonde -these honey highlights are everything. A perfect mix of shiny and dark that will wow you.

17. Queen Bee

To pull off these beautiful honey brown locks with highlights took some serious work. But the result is jaw-dropping, and we are all here to admire it. A hairstyle with royal vibes!

18. Shiny Chocolate

You have a chocolate base, or it was chocolate at some point? Maybe some honey will do the trick. The hair gets that golden glow without any need to go completely blonde.

19. Honey Bae

Absolutely gorgeous honey brunette! The waves make the contrast even more striking and beautiful. Total babe vibes that you want to go for.

20. Soft Honey Brunette

Hair goals right here! But it’s not just about the amazingness of the color. The hair looks healthy, soft, and shiny and that’s the hair richness we all aim for.