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Ready, Set, Get Glam Hair With These 24 Styles And Colors

Ready, Set, Get Glam Hair With These 24 Styles And Colors

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Everybody wants to be a showstopper.

Special occasion or not, you deserve to wear an extraordinary hairstyle. Check out this list of 24 attractive and exciting colors and styles for inspiration for a glam hair look!

1. Voluminous Glam Waves


Do you know which hairstyle is always trendy? Big voluminous waves. Wearing your hair like this always looks glam.

2. Candy Red Glam Half Updo


Something about bright hair colors screams “glam.” This unique candy red will call for attention — and it looks even better when the way it’s styled is on point, like in the pic above.

3. Sleek Bob


The bob hairstyle is one of the most popular all around the world. A sleek and straightened bob is a glam hairstyle for short to medium lengths because its sharp lines make you look more sophisticated.

4. Mohawk-Style Bun


Hair gathered at the nape of your neck, sleek at the sides and voluminous top is reminiscent of a mohawk hairstyle. Add a few strands gracefully falling around your face and you have yourself a simple glam hairstyle.

5. Glam Hollywood Waves


When you hear the phrase Hollywood waves, you know it’s a glam hairstyle. Smooth your hair back on one side of your face and pin it with a pearly clip for vintage vibes.

6. Glam Lavender Hair


Cool skin tone girlies, may I have your attention please? Here is your new favorite glam shade of hair color! The soft shade of purple — aka lavender — highlights the pink and blue undertones of your skin, making it glow.

7. Natural Texture


What is the most glam way to wear your hair? Natural, of course! Let those curls loose and show the world how it’s done.

8. Glam Shag Updo


This low bun hairstyle oozes with simplicity. And the glam? It’s contained in the wispy bangs and feathery strands that graze the cheeks. Lovely, indeed!

9. Ballerina Bun


Being this year’s Oscars’ most popular hairstyle, the ballerina bun is a glam and neat way of pulling your hair up. You can add some pearls for extra bling!

10. Glam Curly Half Updo


If you can’t decide between pinning your hair up or letting it loose — choose a half updo. Wearing your hair in a half-up half-down hairstyle is always a good idea: check out the glam curly half updo in the pic above for inspiration.

11. Textured High Bun


Soft waves are gathered into a high voluminous bun, with a couple of runaway strands and curtain bangs framing your face. This textured high bun is a glam way to wear your hair up!

12. Glam Silver Vixen


Dyeing one’s hair grey has been popular for years now. So, why wouldn’t you proudly wear your natural silver streaks? If you have any doubts, look at the pic above and see how glam silver hair is!

13. Short Glam Shag


The resurgence of ’70s style has brought back the shag haircut. The short shag is similar in length to a textured lob, but has more layers, especially at the top and the sides, which gives this hairstyle a messy glam look.

14. Glam Mermaid Pink Ombre Hair


Want to turn heads? Try this glam mermaid ombre! From the light roots, the soft lilac shade becomes warmer and brighter until it blends into hot pink hair color.

15. Glam Low Ponytail


The low ponytail was everywhere at this year’s Paris Fashion Week — it’s one of the trending hairstyles for this year’s spring/summer season. Try this hairstyle and get the runway glam look!

16. Pastel Highlights


If your hair is light, you can try multi-color pastel highlights. You can even use semi-permanent dye for this glam hair look!

17. Glam Hair Accessories


Adding accessories to your hair is like putting a cherry on top. Just look at the pearls and the floral-pearly headband in the pic above: they make a simple hairstyle chic and glam.

18. Disco Curls


When the disco fever shook every Saturday night back in the day, it was all about big, bright and bold. If you wish to be reminiscent of the ’80s nostalgia, then a “mane” of curls should be your glam hair choice!

19. Glam Hair With A Feather Detail


Adding creative accessories to your hair has the power to make any look glam. Check out how eye-catching this feather detail is!

20. Sleek Front Glam Hollywood Waves


By now, it’s widely agreed that Hollywood waves are a glam way to style your hair. Doing a sleek front and pulling your hair back to uncover your ears is a great way to show off your earrings and complete your glam look!

21. Gatsby’s Glam Party Hair


This finger waves updo is made to be worn to a jazz-listening, champagne-drinking event, but you can wear it whenever you wish to bring the 1920s glam into your style.

22. Curly Layered Pixie Cut


Short haired girls, it’s your time to shine! Make your layered pixie cut the glam look of the season with messy curls like in the photo above.

23. Sleek And Snatched


A super sleek high ponytail is “glammed up” by straightening long hair. This look will snatch and grab everyone’s attention.

24. Femme Fatale Glam Hair


A fishnet fascinator hat gives a glam touch to this sleek half-up ponytail. What are you waiting for? Unlock your femme fatale look with a simple yet sultry accessory.