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The Coolest Base For Most Unique Funky Nails Inspo

The Coolest Base For Most Unique Funky Nails Inspo

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There is no better jewelry for fingers than good nail art, don’t you agree? It’s a passion that not many people can understand.

I’m assuming you belong to that small group of people because you came here to check out this collection of the most unique funky nails. Choose your fav design and get the wildest mani ever!

1. Funky French Tip Nails

Frenchies are timeless. They’re classic and elegant and will forever be my no1 mani choice! However, if you’re looking for a way to spice them up a bit, here is an idea that will give you the funkiest Frenchies ever.

2. Funky Nail Art For Short Nails

Short nails can also look super fun and modern. Just do a different pattern on every nail and let your shorties shine. Do a square or oval shape to achieve the elongating effect.

3. Funky Retro Nails

The multicolor stripes were popular in the 70s, and the retro designs are definitely making a comeback. Besides, they look classy and go with any outfit.

4. Funky Spring Nails

Spring and summer manicures are my favorite because of the multicolor designs and the cutest floral details. The bright neon colors and different sweet details really make these spring nails slay.

5. Funky Summer Nails

Choose your favorite color, but make sure it’s a bright, summer one. Paint different summer details on every nail, and you’ll get the funkiest, most cool summer nails.

6. Funky Fall Nails

This fall nail idea is far from basic. It features these red-brownish shades, and these different art shapes make this design so special and modern.

7. Funky Winter Nails

Why not get a little funky this winter? You’ll love this combo of knit patterns and the cutest reindeer.

8. Funky Valentines

Who said Valentine’s Day nails can’t be fun and funky? It’s a very romantic and unique V-Day design that will captivate everyone’s attention!

9. Funky Blues

Cute and funky nail art and blue color… Does it get better than that?

10. Funky Mushrooms Design

Here is one of the funkiest nail designs I’ve ever seen. Dig into your creative side and play with different colors and mushroom patterns to create a cool look like this one.

11. Funky 3D Water Droplet Nails

This 3D water droplet nails look so realistic and refreshing. No matter what you wear, this nail design will totally give a fun touch to your overall look.

12. Funky Flower Set

Nothing says funky like colorful flower designs. This one is sassy but also quite elegant.

13. Black Funky Nails

These colorful dots on black color make this a perfect mani for fall. It may be an unexpected combination, but it’s definitely flawless.

14. Funky Halloween Nails

It was hard to choose only one because most Halloween nail designs are funky and spooky. I choose these because motives on the one hand are spooky while those on the other are actually kind of cute and funky.

15. Funky Cat Nail Design

Are there any cat lovers among us here? Here is a funky nail design you’ll fall in love with instantly. If you have a cat, you can use its pic, convert it into a sticker, and ask your manicurist to place it on your nails. It’s a lovely idea to show love to your furry bestie.

16. Funky Ombre Nails

Ombre nails somehow always look classic and sophisticated, but you can play a bit and give them funky vibes. This design is hypnotic and looks very daring.

17. Funky Zebra Print

These nails totally describe me. The half of me is very sophisticated and elegant, and the other half is wild and funky. This should be your go-to design if you want your nails to express your personality!

18. Funky Fairy Nails

The powerful mystical vibes of this fairy garden design simply make you want to get this mani ASAP.

19. Funky Stars

Classy, sassy, and sweet. It’s everything I expect from my manicure. This is a funky take on a simple and classic star nail design.

20. Funky Neon Nail Design

This nail design proves to us once again that these vivid neon shades are only for bold and confident women.

21. Funky Chrome Nail Inspo

I had to put these two chrome designs because I simply couldn’t decide which was prettier. The first nails are for women who like vibrant designs that will get them noticed, and the others are for those who like funky but minimalistic manicures.

22. Funky Sparkling Swirls

This swirly design looks so classy and is definitely appropriate for special occasions. And these glitters are here… Well, they’re here to leave a little sparkle wherever you go.

23. Funky Crocs Design

This is a perfect way to express your love for Crocs because, truth be told, as much as we don’t want to admit it, they’re our most comfortable and favorite shoes.

24. Funky Garfield Nails

Garfield is probably one of the most funky cartoon characters ever, and these nails deserved their place in this collection of funky nail designs.

25. Funky Mix And Match Design

I’m always up for a good mix-and-match mani. They’re stylish, always trendy, and suited for every opportunity.

26. Funky Vampire Nails

It may not be love at first bite, but it could be love at the last design. 😍 I was always a fan of The Vampire Diaries, and it’s probably why I’m digging these vampire nails this much.