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22 Fantasy Braids That Scream Festival Season Vibes

22 Fantasy Braids That Scream Festival Season Vibes

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Get ready to find your perfect hairdo for the next festival on your list. Perfect for music lovers and dreamers alike, these braids are your express pass to standout hair. Not to mention you will have your hair done for days or weeks. Think happy thoughts and check out the styles that’ll have everyone asking, “How did you do that?!”

1. Boho Beach

These boho braids and beachy curls look are too good for this world. A hairstyle you can rock at festivals but wear every day. Romantic and fun vibes all around!

2. GOT Vibes

If you are a Game of Thrones enthusiast this will be the perfect hairstyle for you. This hairstyle will have you looking like a member of House of Dragons for days to come.

3. Purple Fun

Braids that can last for months. Plus they look so playful in this vibrant purple that makes you want to wear them right away. You can wear them down or tie them in pigtails for an extra dose of cuteness.

4. Romance Tales

This braided half up has ‘summer festival’ in their code. They look so beachy, romantic and unique. Definitely a fantasy hairstyle that you will fall in love with.

5. Festive Braids

If you need a little bit of bubbly color in your life right now, these are the braids for you. They are radiating joy right at first glance.

6. Braided Updo

A braided hairdo that is perfect for dancing under the sun or stars? You got it! This updo is fun, intricate and festival-ready!

7. Spring Rapunzel

Disney princess hair vibes alert! This is every little girl’s dream braid which you can make a reality even as a grownup. Perfect for spring and summer festivals!

8. Bohemian Knotless Braids

If you are a boho style lover, opt for these braids. They are stunning, long-lasting, and they will fit perfectly with everything you wear.

9. Candy Braids

Wondering how to braid your bob hair and look sweet as candy? This is the way. The knotless braids in colors give you the flair you need to be the cutest one anywhere.

10. Long Pony Braid

Definitely a festival worthy hairdo. The ponytail will make you look like a fantasy warrior you are inside. It’s ideal for hot sunny days and the nights of dancing.

11. Color  Rhapsody

Braids in pastel colors that have that litle glow at night are the ultimate music festival hair. The whole look is extra just like real fantasy hair should be.

12. Silver Glitter

Silver hair with a few golden clips is just the perfect amount of precious metals you need in your hair. The braids are luxurious and gorgeous and you can rock this fantasy style to any occasion.

13. Macrame Braids

The braids that make you go WOW! These braids require a skillful hairstylist and extra time. By the looks of it they are worth the time and the effort because they truly are a fantasy.

14. Space Buns

Space buns and braids give me such a ‘Star Wars’ vibe. They are an awesome festival look that will not go unnoticed. Fantasy vibes from outer space!

15. Braided Complicated

What types of braids to you want? You: every type! Braided half bun, some micro braids, french lace braids to the side and a big seven strand braid below equals fantasy braid goals.

16. Rainbow Braid

Dark hair braids are not so visible as those on lighter hair colors. That is why the colors of the rainbow add extra flair to this style. A jaw-dropping and fun braided wonder.

17. Braided Ponytail

Speaking of darker hair, this is also a great option. Three braids at the top ending in a high, loose ponytail  look powerful. Oh, and the golden clips add that extra bling every fantasy needs.

18. Viking Braids

The intricate braids give out viking vibes! They are coming from all sides forming a unique bond at the middle. Absolutely incredible braids!!!

19. Celtic & Dutch Combo

These dutch braids with Celtic knots are a true masterpiece. The hairdo gives a touch of ancient mistyque to the whole look. True warrior princess vibes!

20. Halo Braid

If you sometimes feel like a little devil with a soul of a saint these are the braids for you. They are not too complicated to create but they are a fantasy to look at.

21. Barbie Braids

If your fantasy includes tender braids and something pink, opt for this style. It’s five strand braided tiebacks that will make you channel your inner barbie.

22. Baby Hair Fantasy

Ideal fantasy braids for shorter Afro hair are just these. Plus, adding baby hairs and pearls for a surreal, fairytale feel is an awesome touch. This style screams “Adventure ready!”