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18 Trendiest Espresso Hair Color Styles You’ll Totally Love

18 Trendiest Espresso Hair Color Styles You’ll Totally Love

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Every season comes with a change. Let that change be a new hair color this season. Refresh your brown strands with the nicest espresso hair color that has absolutely conquered every social media.

It has a very special depth and pairs so naturally with other brown hues, so it works perfectly as a base for the most stunning highlights, balayage, and other coloring techniques.

1. Strong Espresso Brown Hair

“I like my hair like I like my coffee… Dark and rich.” This quote from an unknown author definitely goes with this amazing dark espresso hair. It’s full of depth and looks so natural.

2. Steamy Espresso Hair Color

If you want to achieve this stunning dark brown look, the steamy espresso shade is the perfect choice! It flatters warm skin tones, like olive and golden.

3. Espresso Color Melt

This transition from espresso hue at the roots to caramel and warm chocolate shades towards the ends looks so seamless and creates such a natural look. The gradient effect enriches your hair with dimension and volume.

4. Dimensional Espresso Brunette

If you want to add dimension to your hair, place a few highlights of some softer brown shade underneath the espresso base. This way, you’ll get that fuller appearance without making it look messy.

5. Espresso Chocolate Babylights

The thing I like the most about babylights is the seamless and natural-looking blend of colors. Oh, and also, this chocolate espresso match is truly so perfect.

6. Fall Espresso Balayage

You need inspiration for your next fall hair color? Here it is! It’s an elegant fall hair color for ladies that will give them a special glow this rainy season.

7. Espresso Ash Hair Color

Or, on the other hand, you like to stick to cool tones all year long? That’s fine, too, because there are so many combos you can make and rock throughout the entire year. This ashy espresso pair looks so sophisticated and is very easy to maintain.

8. Espresso Hair With Honey Highlights

This combo is guaranteed to turn heads. It’s elegant, classy, and highly stylish. It suits women with medium to cool complexions.

9. Soft Blend Espresso Balayage

When you’re a natural brunette but a blondie in the heart, this balayage will meet you halfway. You’ll get a bright, sun-kissed, natural look that is super low-maintenance.

10. Nutella Espresso Hair

Okay, to be completely honest, this ‘nutella’ part has immediately attracted my attention. However, I stayed and decided to make this pic a part of my collection because of the stunning, rich hues this amazing combo offers us.

11. Chocolate Milk Highlights On Espresso Base

Just a hint of the chocolate milk highlights on espresso hair color adds brightness to your face and makes it look much softer.

12. Espresso With Chocolate Baby Balayage

First things first, just look at how much healthier the hair looks in the second pic. This espresso-chocolate baby balayage compliments women with medium complexions in particular.

13. Espresso Hair With Caramel Highlights

If you don’t want your espresso color to be monotone, spice it up with these bright caramel highlights. This espresso caramel combo is all-season-approved.

14. Espresso Martini Hair

In my opinion, this is the most wonderful espresso shade of all. This amazing range of hues, from creamy, caramel to bronde highlights weaved throughout, make the hair look more fuller and lively.

15. Iced Espresso Hair

Breathe new life into your brown locks with this amazing iced espresso shade. It’s a cool-toned version of the classic espresso hue that will totally refresh your hair.

16. Toffee Espresso Hair

If you like the hot toffee hue but fear its maintenance, simply choose this toffee balayage on an espresso base. Your hair won’t require that many touch-ups, and you’ll get this wonderful, sun-kissed look.

17. Espresso Bob

I chose this pic to point out how amazing the espresso hair color looks on shorter hair, too. This is definitely one of those hairstyles that can take years off a woman’s face.

18. Espresso Mocha Hair

Here is a perfect example of a hair color where strength meets softness. Several carefully placed mocha highlights give dimension and a softer look to the dark espresso hair color.