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18 Cherry Blonde Hair Color Ideas To Funk Up Your Style

18 Cherry Blonde Hair Color Ideas To Funk Up Your Style

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You’re a forever blonde girl but you’re also ready to update your style? Well, here’s the info you must hear: cherry blonde hair will be making headlines this season. If you want to be the one setting trends, run to your hair colorist and show them these inspo pics.

Long Cherry Blonde Hair

There is no doubt about it: long cherry blonde hair is the hit of the season. It doesn’t matter if you choose to wear it straight, wavy or curly, this hair color will give you the status of “it” girl. But if you have darker base color, I must warn you: achieving this shade usually requires bleaching your locks first. That means that you’ll have to invest extra effort into keeping your long cherry blonde tresses healthy.

Medium Length Cherry Blonde Hair

Speaking of healthy hair… here’s a piece of advice from an expert: it’s always better to have shiny medium length cherry blonde hair than to go around with split ends. If you’ve decided to embark on a new hair journey, this is your sign to do it. Chop off those split ends, get a new color and fall back in love with yourself. And I can promise you one thing: you’ll knock everyone else off their feet as well.

Dark Cherry Blonde Hair

Guess what: cherry blonde hair is more versatile than you might think. If you’re a fiery woman, I strongly suggest the dark cherry blonde shade. This is also a great transitional hue for all of you who want to experiment with dyeing your tresses red but are still not sure about it or are afraid of the commitment. But here’s a little secret: if you go for this dark shade, I guarantee that you’ll end up loving it so much that it will remain your go-to color for a long time.

Short Cherry Blonde Hair

It’s time for the biggest transformation in your style ever, a change both in color and haircut. Chop of those long tresses and go cherry blonde! This is the best way possible to reinvent yourself and to start over! The only job you have is to decide between pixie cut, bob cut or something in between. I can promise you one thing: whatever you pick, you won’t regret it.

Light Cherry Blonde Hair

Are you ready to look like a real-life fairy? In that case, light cherry blonde hair is your dream-come-true. It’s romantic, girly, and yet elegant and sophisticated. Does it require bleaching? In almost all cases, yes. Does this mean that you’ll have to invest extra care into keeping your locks healthy? Also yes. But let’s go to the most important question: is all of it worthy if you’ll end up looking like this? There is no doubt about it! And if you’re having second thoughts about it, just take a closer look at these inspo pic and you’ll realize what I’m talking about.

Cherry Blonde Balayage

You love the cherry blonde shade (who doesn’t?) but you know that it requires frequent touch-ups and salon visits. I understand you completely. But more importantly, I have a solution: cherry blonde balayage. You already know how appealing and fashionable this coloring technique is. And let’s not forget it’s low maintenance as well, since it doesn’t cost you as much money, time and effort. It sounds like a win-win situation. And it looks even better.