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20 Fresh Burst Fade Haircut Ideas To Keep You Looking Sharp

20 Fresh Burst Fade Haircut Ideas To Keep You Looking Sharp

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Burst fade haircut is all-around fade that tapers the hair down the ear in a semi-circular shape without continuing along the neck line.

While some trends come and go, stylish burst fade haircut ideas are always popular. Not only that: they’re also masculine and versatile options that will look great on all head shapes and hair types, and on top of it all, will keep you feeling fresh. 

1. Burst Fade V Mohawk

A burst fade V mohawk is everything you’ve been looking for: it’s modern, eye-catching and it gives you a cool appearance.

2. Burst Fade High Mohawk

I have to be honest with you: this burst fade high mohawk is not for everyone. If you have an office job, maybe you should skip it. But if it flatters your entire style, go for it, no questions asked.

3. Burst Fade Thick Curly Hair

Men around the world would kill to have hair as thick as yours. But sometimes, your hair texture is difficult to maintain. And that is where a burst fade haircut comes in handy.

4. Spiky Burst Fade

If you choose a spiky burst fade, you’ll have to invest some effort in it, especially if you decide to bleach it. But it will all be worth it once you start getting compliments wherever you go.

5. Funky Colored Burst Fade Haircut

This funky colored burst fade haircut is everything but boring. One thing is for sure: it will get you all the attention you need and more.

6. Mid Burst Fade Haircut

Here, the precise burst fade will create an appealing contrast with the hair on top. If you want to look sexy at all times, this should be your go-to cut.

7. Side-Parted Burst Fade Haircut

A side-parted burst fade haircut will give you a gentleman-like look no lady will stay immune to. It gives off sophisticated, elegant vibes.

8. Freestyle Burst Fade Haircut

A typical burst fade haircut is too plain for you? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Just ask your barber to add some free style art on the side.

9. Burst Fade With Faux Hawk

I’ll be honest with you and tell you not to think of trying this hairstyle unless you have strong, thick locks. But if you do have them, please show your gorgeous hair off.

11. Mid-High Burst Fade Haircut

A mid-high burst fade haircut gives you the best of both worlds. It’s classy but at the same time edgy.

12. Burst Taper Mohawk Mullet

We’ve already established one thing: burst fade goes well with literally every hairstyle. But when you pair it with a mohawk mullet, you get out-of-this-world look.

13. Burst Fade With Double Edge Up

If you want a unique hairstyle that will make you looking like a real stud, you’ve found one. Just make sure to get a skillful barber for this haircut.

14. Burst Fade Haircut With Longer Top And Beard Lineup

A burst fade with longer top and beard lineup is a unique look you can’t afford to miss. Just make sure to keep your beard trimmed!

15. Low Burst Fade Haircut

A low burst fade haircut will enhance your natural texture and give your hair movement. With the low burst, the top becomes the focal point of the look.

16. High Top Mid Burst Fade Haircut

If you want to give your appearance a cool twist, pair a mid burst fade with a high top. This is the perfect option for African American hair that can be challenging to maintain.

17. Burst Fade And Long Textured Top

Incorporating a long top with a burst fade results in a trendy and neat hairstyle you can rock at any occasion.

18. Burst Fade And Triangle Braids

If you already have the length needed, why wouldn’t you style it intricately? That’s right, I’m talking about these striking triangle braids.

19. Burst Fade And French Crop

A French crop is a textured haircut with a long fringe. Most importantly, it looks fire when paired with burst fade.

20. Slick Back Burst Fade

Slick back burst fade captures the essence of modern elegance. It’s a polished, yet edgy look that gives off a retro vibe.