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21 Brown Ginger Hair Color Ideas To Transform Your Locks

21 Brown Ginger Hair Color Ideas To Transform Your Locks

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It’s officially brown ginger hair season! Dyeing your hair this shade is such a stunning and attention-grabbing way to upgrade your appearance. There are different variations of the hue and I promise, you’ll obsess over each one of them.

1. Brown Copper Hair

Brown copper hair color is the sister of brown, ginger, and copper. We’re talking about three in-vogue shades. So just imagine what all of them combined can do. Luckily, you won’t have to imagine it because here you have different shades of this beautiful blend: classic brown copper, dark brown copper, and honey brown copper. And to be honest, I have trouble making my mind up which one is the most beautiful.

2. Dark Brown Ginger Hair

Many influencers claim that dark brown ginger hair is the pick of the season. And I can’t help but agree with them. It’s fiery and luxury at the same time. It’s giving off both mob wife and old money vibe and not many hues can do that. So what’s still stopping you from showing your colorist these inspo pics?

3. Light Brown Ginger Hair

On the other hand, light brown ginger is the more subtle shade of this appealing color. It’s the best choices for ladies who don’t want to waste too much money, effort and time on frequent touch-ups. This is a low-maintenance hue that won’t make you look any less attractive. Sounds like a deal to me, doesn’t it?

4. Medium Length Brown Ginger Hair

Can you pull off brown ginger color on medium length hair? Not only that– it will make you look like a bombshell. The most appealing thing about this hue is its versatility, as it can complement both cool and warm skin undertones.

5. Brown Ginger Short Hair

Brown ginger color on a short cut threatens to become a year-round staple, whether you opt for a pixie cut, a bob or a trendy lob cut. The only questions is if you’re ready to both chop off your long tresses ane to make a dramatic change when it comes to your hair color. If you’re ready to take the plunge but need some inspiration before you book a salon appointment, here are some ideas.

6. Brown Ginger Balayage

Let’s continue with low maintenance brown ginger hair ideas. Balayage is definetely on the top of this list since it doesn’t require constant touch-ups which will save you a lot of time and money. Besides being popular, this coloring technique will give your locks depth, and movement, which is definetely the most eye-catching aspect of brown ginger balayage.

7. Brown Ginger Curly Hair

Brown ginger color can be beautifully paired with naturally curly and curled hair and these inspo pics are here to prove it. It is a captivating choice which will give you a bold and dimensional look. Fully embrace this shade and your curls if you want a striking and attention-grabbing look.