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These 90s Nail Art Ideas Have Stood The Test Of Time

These 90s Nail Art Ideas Have Stood The Test Of Time

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It’s time to relive the iconic era and add a vintage touch to your style. What could be a better way to do so then with the help of these 90s nail art ideas that are forever in-vogue?

1. 90s Cartoon Nail Art

As a kid, you’ve dreamt of putting all of your favorite cartoon characters on your nails. Now, that dream can become reality.

2. Butter Cookies 90s Nail Art

You can’t think of the 90s without remembering the famous Danish butter cookie bowls. We’ll disregard the fact that they were almost never filled with the actual cookies, LOL. How awesome is the fact that now you can put them on your nail art?

3. Airbrushed 90s Nail Art

The moment you look at this manicure, you connect it with the wild 80s and 90s. Don’t forget to combine these nails with an appropriate plastic, colorful rings.

4. Macarons 90s Nail Art

Macarons on nails? Why not? But if this design is too much for you and would got in a way of your daily activities, just go with glazed purple nails.

5. 90s Pastel Art On Black Nails

Trying to revive the 90s disco culture? Pastel art on extra long square shaped black nails will bring the magic back in a moment.

6. Multicolored 90s French Art

Check out the best summer set of 90s nail art! It’s giving retro vibes and it goes with every outfit this season.

7. 90s Orange Fiery Nails

Let the whole world know that you’re a 90s kid with this fiery orange manicure paired with milky white swirl art.

8. White Swirls On Black Base

The swirls were a huge deal back in the 90s which means that you should definitely take them into consideration. If you want to go for a classic look, black and white is always a good option.

9. 90s Animal Print

Here’s something for my badass girls: 90s animal print nail art. Be careful: wear them only if you’re ready to get all the attention in the world.

10. Black And White 90s French Tips

You weren’t the “it” girl back in the day if you weren’t rocking the 90s French manicure. Now it’s time to revive that status!

11. Gold And Pearl Jewelry On 90s French Tips

This manicure has it all: pearls, gold jewelry, white French tips… It sounds like a perfect 90s manicure. And it looks like it as well.

12. 90s Valentine’s Day Nail Art

These Valentine’s day nail are girly, romantic, cute and adorable. But you don’t have to wait for February to pull this mani off.

13. 90s Plaid Nail Art

Remember how popular plaid pattern was back in the 90s? So, it’s not a surprise I had to include this mani on the list of best 90s nail art ideas.

14. 90s Nail Art On Curved Tips

Curved tips were the trademark of the 90s. If you’re craving a baddie look that will make you more confident than ever, you’ve found one.

15. 90s Red French Tips

90s French tips include long, square shaped nails, and colored tips with nail jewelry and art. This inspo pic has it all and more.

16. 3D 90s Nail Art

The 90s invented 3d nail art and it has been popular ever since. But what makes this manicure even more iconic is the y2k duck shape.

17. 90s Pink Nail Art

I know you wanted to look like a Barbie doll back in the 90s. Well, now, when pink aesthetic is back, these nails are calling your name.

18. 90s Bling Nail Art

Once you see this 90s nail art, you’ll be obsessed with them. The only question is if you’re brave enough to rock them.

19. 90s Abstract Nail Art

Here’s the reason why they call it nail ART. Not everyone can turn this manicure into reality. But if you find a skilled artist, show them this inspo pic ASAP.

20. 90s Multicolored Swirls

Can’t choose the perfect color for your 90s nail art? Who says you have to? Instead, ask your artist for multicolored swirls.

21. 90s Neon Nail Art

If you want a baddie 90s nail idea that will elevate your whole style, you’ve found one. I guarantee that you’ll regret missing out on this neon manicure.

22. 90s Floral Nail Art

90s nail art has something to offer for every taste. And for every season. These 3d floral spring nails are living proof of that.